List of HDF Services

As a catalyst and convener of philanthropy, under a team of dedicated community leaders and volunteers, the Human Dignity Foundation’s goals are:


Since the beginning, HDF has provided financial support to community organizations and causes in areas ranging from youth to seniors, from LGBTQ arts and culture, to civil rights advocacy. Our grantmaking is guided by more than a decade of expertise and informed by direct community participation. By mid-2013, along with our funding partners, HDF has granted over $3,000,000 in gifts to worthy nonprofit organizations.

Fund Creation

20 individuals and organizations have established funds with HDF, from which grants are made to support worthy charitable causes. As of mid-2013 these funds total over $3,000,000.

Wealth Expansion

By mid-2013, nearly 70 individuals have joined our Legacy Society, naming HDF in their wills or trusts to ensure that our community’s needs are met, now and for generations to come. These legacy gifts represent many millions of dollars of future value to our community, and many of these gifts will be deposited directly into our permanent endowment, which is an asset that can never be taken away.

Endowment Building

By mid-2008, our permanently endowed assets have grown to $2.5M. The Foundation’s general endowment represents a permanent financial resource that can benefit our community for generations to come. As our endowment grows, it represents an increasingly important source of stability, confidence, and pride for our community.

Donor Education

Our quarterly educational seminars keep donors connected and involved. The sessions-on topics from domestic partnership laws to charitable giving plans, increase the giving capacity of the LGBTQ community and sharpen the impact of individual donors.

Professional Expertise

In 2008, we launched our Professional Advisor Network, bringing together the most expert and respected minds in the legal, tax and financial planning community for the benefit of the LGBTQ community.