Imagine how an iconic, state-of-the-art, modern facility dedicated to educating, preserving and showcasing LGBTQ culture and history will shape our own San Diego community. Imagine the impact this facility will have on the quality and diversity of programming that is offered by increasing accessibility for smaller cultural and performing arts groups who otherwise would not have a place to present their art. Imagine researchers from around the world accessing the volumes of history of our community. Imagine educating and inspiring younger generations who will be the future leaders responsible for continuing the quest for equality and acceptance for all.



The groundwork for this monumental vision in San Diego has been laid. In 2015, the San Diego Human Dignity Foundation (SDHDF), The Diversionary Theatre and Lambda Archives of San Diego (Lambda Archives), three prominent organizations with a combined 70 years of experience educating, preserving and showcasing LGBTQ culture and history, formed the ParkArts Collaborative, to mobilize efforts to create San Diego’s LGBT Cultural and Performing Arts Center. It was determined that 4545 Park Boulevard in the Uptown neighborhood of University Heights, the existing home to Diversionary Theatre and Lambda Archives for the past 20 years, is the perfect space to create this iconic facility that will unleash the power of the LGBTQ community for decades to come.

The renovation of 4545 Park Blvd will provide an opportunity for the current tenants and other LGBTQ-friendly organizations to use the venue to share their art and performance pieces, further deepening ties with partners in the arts and culture community locally, nationally and internationally. As the LGBTQ community enters mainstream, it is more important than ever to honor and preserve the historical and cultural contributions of the LGBTQ community, while maintaining a vital and singular presence in the larger community.


The mission of ParkArts is to build community and continue to embrace diversity and inclusion by expanding the offering of high-quality entertainment, educational opportunities and keeping our unique stories alive. Creating a statement piece of architecture to showcase and foster the future of the LGBTQ community is monumental. The ParkArts Capital Campaign Cabinet, comprised of dedicated community members and leadership from the ParkArts Collaborative, has as its primary mission to create this state-of-the-art facility where new levels of art will be unleashed through Diversionary Theatre, Lambda Archives and guest LGBTQ-friendly organizations.

The Future is Now

Great ideas don’t rest, and that is how we feel about San Diego’s LGBTQ Cultural and Performing Arts Center.

We are passionate about telling the story of the LGBTQ history, culture and performing arts to ensure the story remains alive for generations to come. We invite you to join us in celebrating and creating San Diego’s LGBT Cultural and Performing Arts Center.

For more information about ParkArts, connect with Sabrina Johnson at (619) 291-3383 ext. 402 or

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