For Professional Advisors

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San Diego Human Dignity Foundation is committed to partnering with professional advisors – attorneys, financial advisors, accountants, and others – to serve the LGBT community as fully and responsibly as possible, given the complex, discriminatory, and fast-changing legal environment that LGBT clients face. We look forward to working with you to help your clients fulfill their charitable vision and financial goals.

Our Track Record and Reputation

We’ve served San Diego’s LGBT community since 1996, and we’ve earned an outstanding reputation for integrity, service, stewardship and knowledge.

Investment Expertise

Our highly experienced investment committee and investment managers help us provide exemplary stewardship for your clients’ funds. Click here to read more about our Investment Policy.

Giving Options that Meets Your Client’s Goals

We offer a range of giving options to help you meet your clients’ philanthropic and financial goals. Click here to read more about Ways of Giving.

Advisor Services and Resources

San Diego Human Dignity Foundation provides professional education and issue updates to keep you current about philanthropic news and trends. Click here to learn more about Advisor Services and Resources.

Professional Advisor Network Membership List

San Diego Human Dignity Foundation maintains a membership list of professional advisors who have been accepted into our program. We list attorneys, financial advisors, accountants and other professionals who offer services that address the financial and philanthropic needs of LGBT clients.

For a list of current members of our Professional Advisor Network, click here.

To be included in our membership list, please fill out the Professional Advisor Network application form and email or fax it to us following the instructions provided. Click the link below to obtain a membership application.

Professional Advisor Network Membership Application

SDHDF offers these lists and seminars as a resource and not as an endorsement of the qualifications or services of any individual, partnership, corporation or any other entity listed. We advise you to conduct your own investigation before engaging the services of any of the advisors listed. SDHDF retains additional information about each advisor, which is available upon request.