General Endowment Fund


This endowed fund has been grown through estate gifts for the broad benefit of San Diego’s LGBT community. It serves as a lasting legacy that enables SDHDF to address the changing needs and challenges of our community.

Started with the generous gift by friends and family of the late Lincoln Ashton, this general endowment fund has grown over the years through additional estate gifts given to SDHDF for the benefit of San Diego’s LGBT community in general.

Managed by the board of directors, income from investment of the assets held in the San Diego Human Dignity Endowment Fund is used to support broad community needs. In 2007 income from the fund was first used to support the Foundation’s annual competitive grant program. This program supported 12 nonprofit organizations in San Diego County that provide critical services to our LGBT community.

The donor or the Board of Directors may designate gifts, bequests, or proceeds from fundraising, to be placed in the Endowment Fund or any other fund of the Foundation. The endowment fund has been established as an Irrevocable Trust and funds shall be deposited and maintained in the name of the Trust in banking, investment, or other accounts as directed the directors from time to time.

Some of the estate gifts that have contributed to the growth of the San Diego Human Dignity Endowment Fund include the following:

  • The Lincoln Ashton Estate (founding gift)
  • The Marvin Meyeux Estate
  • The John McCusker Estate
  • The William Hughes Estate