Organizational Funds

Here is a list of Organizational Funds that you can donate to:

SDHDF General Endowment Fund

Supporting the general overall well being of San Diego’s LGBT communities.



Lambda Archives Endowment Fund

Supports The Archives and assist The Archives in preserving and teaching LGBT history of the San Diego Community. In addition the fund can be used to support any other   charitable, scientific, literary or educational activities conducted by The Archives.


Lesbian & Gay Fund of SDHDF at the San Diego Foundation Fund

This Fund is for equal protection under the law and access to services a reality for LGBT communities, increase public awareness of LGBT communities and issues, and encourage collaborative relationships and build institutional capacity among charitable organizations that serve and support the local LGBT communities.


San Diego LGBT Community Center Endowment Fund

Support the Center and assist the Center in enhancing and sustaining the health and well-being of the LGBT and HIV positive communities by funding:  1. Provision of activities, programs and services that create community, 2. Efforts to empower community members, 3. Provision of essential resources, 4. Advocacy of civil and human rights, 5. Embracement of cultural diversity, and all activities attendant thereto including operating expenses.

In addition the fund can support  and promote charitable, scientific, literary or educational activities conducted by the Center.