Establish a Fund

The San Diego Human Dignity Foundation can assist you in establishing a fund. We can assist you in the process of creating an endowed fund or non-endowed fund. An endowment is permanent. Only a portion of earnings is available for granting. A non-endowment means earnings and principal are available for granting.

Next, you may choose whether the fund will be a community endowment, a field of interest, designated or advised.

  • Community Endowment: You make assets available to San Diego Human Dignity Foundation Board to serve the greatest current need.
  • Field of Interest: You identify area(s) of charitable interest.
  • Designated: You identify a specific charity(ies) to support.
  • Advised: You identify advisors to the fund (self, partner, family)

The next step would be to name the fund.

Lastly, you would contribute assets to be part of the fund.

If this charitable vehicle is of interest to you, San Diego Human Dignity Foundation is here to assist you in any way. Contact us today. Give a gift that will give forever.